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The “Wave” focus mitts from Manus are full of vitality and ensure a demanding training program. The robust synthetic leather cover contains a shock-absorbing foam core, which with its ergonomic curvature ensures excellent impulse absorption. As a holder of the Manus “Wave”, you benefit in particular from the supported wrist area and the completely covered outer palm. Nevertheless, the hands can breathe freely in the “Wave”, because special ventilation slots and mesh areas ensure sufficient air circulation. With the “Wave” focus mitts, Manus relies on a non-slip and secure hold, which is achieved through the proven anti-slip material and a strong hook and loop fastener. The dynamic swing of the label print is eponymous for the “Wave”-pads and gives the models in black/green or black/red their sporty look.

  • particularly gentle on the joints
  • mesh palm ventilation
  • pre-curved
  • Anti-slip for a secure hold

MANUS Focus mitts “Wave” - curved

SKU: 5502-9405
50,00 €Τιμή
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