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Embark on the path of the samurai and get a unique training tool at your side with the long katana sword with foam coating. With a length of 101 cm, it corresponds to the traditional length measurements, so that you can get used to the first movements with a long sword. The grip area –Tsuka- is covered with a coarse and particularly grippy foam, while the cutting edge –Hasaki- convinces with a highly compressed and smooth cover. Sword handles and cutting edge are neatly separated from each other by a Tsuba. The sword tip is secured with a sturdy cap for even more safety. Foam jacket and wooden core are perfectly coordinated and together make an excellent training device for martial arts.

  • stable wooden core
  • divided grip and cutting zone
  • Tsuba stitch sheet
  • tip with a protective cap
  • Material wood core, foam cover

Katana Staff 101cm with foam coverCode 801-9101

SKU: 801-9101
25,00 €Τιμή
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