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Even the little ones look like pure professionals, in their white tracksuit, which is called Karate Gi. Hayashi has launched the “Gakusei” karate suit, the little brother to the powerful and WKF approved suits on the market. He has, just like the big ones, the traditional cut and is classically bound. Also on the features, such as particularly reinforced lapels and the elastic robust seams, the karate suit “Gakusei” does not miss. For more freedom of movement and a light feel, Hayashi has made the suit of a cotton blended fabric. The thus light karate suit does not rub on the skin and still perfectly protects the little athlete.

  • traditional cut
  • lightweight, skin-friendly fabric
  • special kids sizes
  • Kumite & Kata
  • including white Budo belt
  • Material  65% cotton; 35% polyester

Karate-Gi “Gakusei”

ΤιμήΑπό €40.00
ΦΠΑ Περιλαμβάνεται
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