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Hayashi has developed the “TSUKI” karate fist guards with thumb for those who prefer a little bit more security. They are identical to our proven Hayashi TSUKI model 237 fist protector, but also have a special thumb guide because an exposed thumb can cause your partner painful stab injuries. The crescent shape of the guards will keep your hands in perfect control. Contrary to classic boxing gloves, karate fists are open on the inside. Your fingers will find a secure hold in the elastic loops and the thumb lies protected in the half-height guide. A high impact absorption by highly compressed foam and a durable outer shell made of artificial leather make the protectors indispensable in the Kumite field. In the competition colors red and blue, the “TSUKI” with thumbs are officially approved by the World Karate Federation.

  • robust artificial leather cover
  • compressed foam padding
  • thumb guide
  • WKF approval

HAYASHI Karate fist protector “TSUKI” with thumb (WKF approved) Code 238

25,00 €Τιμή
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