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Extra strong protection for your forearms you get with the forearm protector made of 15 mm impact-absorbing foam. Decisive for the perfect fit is the ergonomic design of the protective pad, which can be individually adjusted via 2 hook and loop fasteners. For a pleasant skin feel, the material is perforated, so the air can circulate freely under the protector. Towards the elbow, the forearm protection is preventively rounded off, which further increases the protection provided by the Hayashi forearm protection. Optimally protected, blocks and defense techniques can be practiced safely in typical contact sports. The size range of XS, S, M, XL guarantees the best safety for a wide circle of athletes. The neutral white, the forearm protection is simple and unobtrusive.

  • shock-absorbing foam pad
  • ventilation system
  • strong hook and loop closure
  • Materialmolded foam

HAYASHI Forearm guard Code 120-1006

SKU: Material molded foam
15,00 €Τιμή
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