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TOP TEN leaves nothing to be desired with the “Basic” focus mitts in the starter area of boxing. The punch pads with a straight striking surface offer the best conditions for the first partner exercises. With a highly compressed foam core inside the imitation leather pads, safety in front of and behind the “Basic” is the top priority. The well-known TOP TEN company print is not only a visual highlight on the otherwise simple training equipment. Instead, the abrasion-resistant print shows the middle of the focus mitts and, thus, the ideal point of hitting. A comfortable finger guide on the back ensures that the “Basic” is comfortable to wear. A mesh cover also supports good ventilation of the hands so that sweat, and odors do not stand a chance in your “Basic.”

  • handy fit
  • high-damping foam core
  • comfortable hand guidance
  • robust synthetic leather cover

Focus mitts “Basic” - straight, black

SKU: 1117-9005
40,00 €Τιμή
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