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At Escrima training is practiced, which can really be used in practice. The “Tigerstyle” Escrima Stick consists of robust rattan, a 100% natural raw material of the Rotangpalme, which is still harvested by hand today. The stick has a length of about 665 mm and is well in the hand with a diameter of about 25 mm. Striking and eponymous are the tiger crawls, which mark the grip area of about 16 cm in length. This allows “Tigerstyle” perfectly in the hand lead and provides the necessary grip. With only 180 g, the stable stick convinces with its natural characteristics and an appealing fire pattern. As a splinter-free Escrima Stick “Tigerstyle” ensures your safety in stick fighting.

  • length 665 mm
  • diameter 25 mm
  • weight 180 g
  • fire patterns

Escrima “Tigerstyle” 66 cm

SKU: 668-0066
18,00 €Τιμή
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