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Nothing makes self-defense training as successful as practice sessions under real conditions. Professional groups in personal security and security guards must keep full control in stressful situations. With the rubber pistol, the risk-free disarming of a possible attacker can be trained without taking an unnecessary risk of injury. At around 19 cm, the 360 g solid rubber model sits comfortably in hand and can be wielded like a real weapon. Numerous details make the look of the gun deceptively real. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the training equipment is transported safely in a closed container. The model is extremely robust and, if necessary, can simply be cleaned and disinfected with a damp cloth, which ensures a hygienic training concept.

  • realistic replica
  • solid rubber model
  • length about 19 cm
  • weight approx. 360 g

Dummy gun Code 835-9918

SKU: 835-9000
25,00 €Τιμή
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