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Here TOP TEN presents you a tailor-made jockstrap. Originally the “Jockstrap” was invented for cyclists, meanwhile, also athletes of other sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, judo or karate have recognized the advantages of this functional underwear. The construction of the laundry is limited to the essentials. A replaceable cup is “buttoned” to a wide and elastic waistband. This protects the genitals and lifts them easily. The jockstrap reinforces your sense of security in sports and effectively helps to prevent painful soft tissue injuries. The breathable mesh cover ensures optimal skin feel. The hard plastic shell is easy to clean and can be replaced whenever needed.

Additional advantages:

  • easy to create
  • exchangeable hard plastic shells
  • Snaps for easy handling
  • elastic waistband

Cup, jockstrap groin Code 201-9

18,00 €Τιμή
ΦΠΑ Περιλαμβάνεται
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