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This 6-foot bar made of sturdy hardwood is a perfect replica of the “peasant weapons” of yesteryear. It is used in stick fighting and, at around 180 cm, is one of the long-range weapons in martial arts. Thanks to the first-class face distribution, the Bo bar can be swung and gripped safely so that it is often used for form exercises. Use it as an extension of your body and impressively express your movements with the stick. The even and smooth surface of the Bos feels extremely good in the hand. The material is of first-class quality, but this does not release the fighter from his duty to check before and after each use.

  • a typical length of approximately 180 cm (6 feet)
  • smooth, even surface structure
  • high-quality hardwood
  • excellent weight distribution

Bo staff made of hardwood oak (about 180 cm)

SKU: 649-0180
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